Baby milestone cards


30 double sided milestone cards encourage you to take photos of all the special memories and milestones in your baby’s first year.

From that first smile that melts your heart to those first wobbly steps.

Each card has been thoughtfully designed to complement your Baby Memory Book.

The reverse side of each card has purposely been left blank so that you can write notes and use the same set of cards for all your babies.

Baby Milestone Card details:
• 30 rectangular milestone cards 
• Rounded edges, making it safe for little hands
• Space for dates and notes on the reverse side of each card
• Printed on high quality, thick 350gsm card stock
• Clean, minimalist design
• Small hand-drawn illustrations on each card
• Matte lamination to reduce glare in photos
• Gender-neutral colours

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Create everlasting memories of the most precious moments with your baby.

30 double-sided Milestone Baby Milestone Cards featuring:
• Hello world
• I’m 1 month old today
• I’m 2 months old today
• I’m 3 months old today
• I’m 4 months old today
• I’m 5 months old today
• I’m 6 months old today
• I’m 7 months old today
• I’m 8 months old today
• I’m 9 months old today
• I’m 10 months old today
• I’m 11 months old today
• I’m 1 year old today
• Today I had my first bath
• Today I smiled for the first time
• Today I ate solids for the first time
• Last night I slept through the night for the first time
• Today I rolled over for the first time
• Today I sat up for the first time
• Today I crawled for the first time
• Today I pulled myself up for the first time
• Today I held my bottle for the first time
• Today I walked for the first time
• Today my first tooth came through
• Today I had my first haircut
• Today I went swimming for the first time
• My first Mother’s Day
• My first Father’s Day
• My first Christmas
• My first Easter

• Actual size: 10cm x 15cm
• Weight: 375g
They’re super cute – Beautifully modern design and neutral colours that we're sure you'll love.

Excellent reminders – 30 prompts help you to remember to take a photo and capture each milestone.

One set can be used for all your babies – With space on the reverse side for each card to make notes, there’s no need to write on the face of the card.

Exceptional quality - Each card is made from thick cardstock making it durable and long lasting.
Do the Baby Milestone Cards complement My Baby Memory Book?
• Yes, absolutely! The pattern, colour and questions on the Baby Milestones Cards have been designed to match your Baby Memory Book.

How much is shipping?
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What is your refund policy?
• If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, Email Us and we’ll make it right. It’s risk free shopping.

Can I track the delivery status of my order?
• Yes! Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number and details on how to track your order.

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